It’s Photo Friday, Have you Seen Lake Tahoe in the Snow?

I went to see Lake Tahoe in the snow a few years ago, and it was virtually a winter wonderland! Enjoy this photo blog about Lake Tahoe, I would love to go back! Have you ever been there for the snows?

Lake Tahoe is a winter wonderland.

As I watched, the snow clouds came rolling in.
The view from my room at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe!
And here’s the storm!
Harrah’s sent a limo for me…complete with a bar, champagne, and even a digital fire, so I was pretty snug and warm regardless of the storm!
I took a cruise into Emerald Bay while it was snowing, it was so beautiful!
The waters were still that emerald color.
Fannette Island sits in the middle of Emerald Bay, with its castle on top. Very picturesque in the snow!
The snow was so deep, so I thought, why not try something new?
I always wanted to try snowmobiling, so I booked at Zephyr Cove tour and did it!
I loved being up in the mountains, but I confess that snowmobiling isn’t really my thing. I had trouble controlling it, and I felt sorry for the other people on the tour because
I went so slowly!
Lake Tahoe is a deep blue when the skies are blue! An amazing trip!

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